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Facing Invasive IRS Actions?

If you failed to file income taxes, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) has the power to take serious action against you, which includes the use of bank levies. The IRS will do almost anything to recover tax debt, even if that means they put a hold on your financial accounts until you pay up. If you receive a Notice of Levy that informs you of their intent to garnish or levy your bank accounts, it is crucial you speak with our firm.

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How We Can Help

The Georgia tax lawyers at Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC are committed to helping individuals fight back against the IRS. We are here to provide the legal counsel you need. Our firm has helped more than 12,000 consumers tackle their IRS and tax problems and are always seeking to find positive solutions for their cases.

We'll Help You Handle Your Bank Levy

You only have 21 days before your bank has the option to issue a check for the amount owed to the IRS. In some cases, you may not even have sufficient funds in your account to pay off the delinquent taxes, making things even more complicated. Regardless, once the levy is in place, you will not be able to withdraw any amount of money from your account. Any deposits that are made will also be frozen and potentially used to pay the tax debt off.

We will work to secure the following for your case:

  • Removal of Unfair Charges
  • Payment Plan
  • Settlement
  • Credit Protection
  • Unfrozen Accounts

Let us skillfully negotiate your debt amount with the IRS, removing the levy and securing the best payment option. As every case is unique, you may find that you never owed any taxes in the first place.

For this reason it is crucial that you contact our Atlanta tax firm right away to discuss your personal case.

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