Unpaid Taxes in Georgia

Have you failed to file your taxes?

While electronic filings and payments have become increasingly popular over the last few years, many people still neglect to file and pay their taxes on time. If you have failed to file your taxes by the deadline and owe taxes, you may be facing serious penalties and fines. The government can penalize you for tax crimes and potentially impose a wage levy or garnishment.

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What are the penalties for unpaid taxes?

If you file your tax return on time but do not pay the amount owed, you will be billed for the remaining balance and receive a late payment penalty. This penalty is based off one-half of one percent of the tax you owe per month until it is paid in full or 25% of the maximum penalty is reached.

The one-half of one percent can increase to one percent if you do not pay your taxes within 10 days after the IRS sends you a notice of intent to levy. For those who owe taxes and don't file their return on time, the failure to file penalty is usually five percent of the tax you owe for each month.

Do Not Face the IRS Alone

If you can prove that you did not file your taxes on time and pay the amount of tax owed due to a reasonable cause, the penalties may be abated. You can send a letter to the IRS service center along with the bill or contact the IRS directly. By paying the late payment as soon as possible, the IRS may realize that your failure to pay the necessary amount was, in fact, an error on your part and not willful neglect.

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