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At Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC, we pride ourselves on being dedicated to assisting clients struggling with tax concerns. Whether you are facing consequences from tax return delinquency or need counsel through an IRS investigation, we have the resources to help.

Our Georgia tax lawyers have helped more than 12,000 consumers over the years, guiding them to the most positive solution for their situation.

Our Practice Areas

  • Accounting and Tax Services: Our firm offers service for all tax preparation and accounting concerns for both individuals and companies or businesses.
  • Claims for Refund: Even if you did not file your tax return for this past year, there is still time for you to receive the full refund you deserve! You have up to three years from the return's original due to date to file a claim for refund.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief: If you were unaware of your spouse's deceitful actions against the IRS, you may be able to receive innocent spouse relief—protecting both your reputation and your legal standing.
  • Payroll Tax Representation: If you have fallen behind on your payroll taxes and are facing penalties from the IRS, our Atlanta tax lawyers may be able to provide the courtroom representation you need.
  • Penalty Abatements: Are you being penalized for delinquent taxes? Our firm may be able to help you abate your penalties if reasonable cause or an IRS mistake was involved.
  • Appeals: Our firm is here to help you appeal IRS penalties, bank levies, or wage garnishments that might be affecting you and your family.
  • Bank Levies: Don't let the IRS place a bank levy against your accounts—this will leave your assets and funds frozen until your entire tax debt is repaid or the levy is lifted.
  • Failure to File Income Taxes: If you or your business fails to file the proper income taxes by the due date you will be facing serious consequences and penalties from the IRS.
  • IRS Investigations: Has the IRS notified you of their upcoming investigation on you or your business? It is crucial that you speak with a tax attorney from our firm right away to protect your assets and your future.
  • Offers in Compromise: Tax debts can build up and become nearly impossible to pay off in full. If you are in this situation, you may be able to make an offer of compromise—as long as you can prove that you are eligible.
  • Tax Audits: Facing a tax audit against your business? Whether you represent an organization or a major non-profit, the IRS may target you with an audit to ensure that all taxpayers are following regulation.
  • Unpaid Taxes: Just like other tax issues, unpaid taxes can lead to serious consequences and penalties. We can help you repay the IRS efficiently, allowing you to enjoy the relief and freedom you deserve.
  • Wage Levies or Garnishments: The IRS has the power to place a levy against your wages if you have tax debt that still needs to be repaid. Let our firm provide the caring legal counsel and representation you need during this time.

What Sets Us Apart

We are a local based tax firm in Atlanta, providing you with the qualified and experienced legal support that you deserve. Our team takes the time to carefully review our clients' situations, examining all options in order to secure the most advantageous solution.

Our lawyers are committed to providing clients with realistic and effective legal solutions—never making empty promises or building unrealistic expectations. We are here to do what is best for you and your family, eliminating the tax concerns and penalties you may be facing. If your case has to go to court or faces other legal complications, our legal team is prepared to represent you.

No matter what type of tax issues or concerns you have, our firm has the experience and resources to assist you. Be sure to contact us today to get started on protecting your future and your assets.

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