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Tax penalties caused by unpaid taxes can be a serious issue, threatening both your reputation and your future. You assets and funds may even be on the line, putting your family and your well-being at risk. Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC is a Georgia tax law firm that is committed to helping individuals who are facing actions from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The IRS has the power to take serious action against you in order to recover unpaid taxes from your business or family. Our Georgia tax attorneys are equipped with the resources and knowledge to handle all types of tax appeals and IRS issues. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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As members of the NACA, NCLC, and the National Trials Lawyers Association, we work hard to maintain a high level of integrity and professional service. We are a local, experienced legal team that offers you the hospitality of a Georgia law firm.

Our lawyers will always take the time to review your situation, helping you examine all your options, determining which solution will be the most advantageous to you or your family. We understand that this time may be confusing and scary, especially with the IRS involved. It is crucial that you retain our services right away, allowing us to build a detailed defense and argument on your behalf.

What can a tax appeal do?

We have assisted more than 12,000 consumers, helping them successfully put their tax concerns behind them. As a tax law firm, we offer you unique counsel and advice, protecting more than just your finances, but your reputation and future as well. If you are wondering how to appeal your case or remove an action taken against you, be sure to contact our firm right away.

Our firm may be able to help you secure an appeal to remove the following:

Do not wait a moment longer to enlist the dedicated legal support you deserve during this time. The Georgia tax appeal attorneys from our firm are standing by to provide the counsel you need for all types of tax law issues. It is time to take your own action against your overdue tax penalties. Our firm is here to skillfully negotiate your case with the IRS, securing the best possible outcome for your situation.

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