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The IRS, along with state revenue departments, is possibly the most intimidating creditor to have. With far more influence and access than any other creditor, the IRS does not take kindly to individuals suspected of misbehavior.

However, even though the IRS is a government entity, it has been known to make questionable decisions from time to time. This means the IRS is not immune to mistakes.

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When the IRS makes a mistake, it is often the consumer that pays the consequences. If you suspect the IRS or Georgia Department of Revenue has been incorrect in its assessment of your account, contact a tax attorney at Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC who can work with you to investigate your accounts and determine whether a mistake has occurred.

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When it comes to the IRS, suspicion of wrongdoing goes both ways. While an attorney from our tax law firm can help you investigate your accounts to determine whether the IRS has made a mistake in its dealings with you, the IRS in turn can conduct criminal investigations on individuals who are suspected of evasion or tax fraud.

Being under such investigation does not eliminate your right to legal counsel during this time. In fact, having a qualified legal professional who is concerned for your interest and who understands tax code can help protect you from violations of your rights and unnecessary consequences.

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At Alex Simanovsky & Associates, our Georgia tax attorneys are fully committed to helping you protect your rights. Having helped over 12,000 consumers find resolution in IRS conflicts, we have the knowledge and the drive to effectively represent you and your interests to the end.

Our clients receive the full attention of a skilled and able attorney from their community. If you find yourself in a situation that calls for the help of our experienced team of tax attorneys, contact us today and schedule your free, no-obligation case evaluation with a member of our legal team.

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