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Despite the criminal image given to individuals who have fallen behind on their taxes, there are many good citizens who have found themselves in difficult situations because of economic hardships.

This thought should not be surprising, given the recession of the last 10 years. While there are those out there who have intentionally evaded their duty to pay taxes, others in tax debt had little choice in the matter.

Let Us Help You Resolve Your Back Taxes

If you have back taxes that have accumulated because of difficulties and economic hardships, we want to help. At Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC, we know that our clients are real people with real struggles.

Rather than expecting the impossible from them, our Georgia tax attorneys are willing to come alongside them and find a feasible solution to resolving their back taxes with the IRS.

What is an Offer in Compromise (OIC)?

Falling behind on your taxes can have consequences, including wage garnishments and back levies. There is one option to settle back taxes that is available to individuals who qualify. An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a settlement offer to resolve your tax debt permanently and move on with your life. An OIC is only an option for individuals who qualify according to the requirements of the IRS.

In order to be eligible to make such a settlement offer, one of the following must be true:

  • Doubt as to Liability: This means there is reasonable doubt you are liable for the amount of back taxes you supposedly owe the IRS. Doubt as to liability implies the IRS has made an error in claims.
  • Economic Hardship: This means there were extreme circumstances that prevented you from being able to afford full repayment of your back taxes. Proving you fall under this category will require extensive documentation and support that you endured economic hardship.

Our firm has successfully helped more than 12,000 consumers find resolutions to their issues with the IRS. We are a local team of attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia that sincerely cares about your rights and interests. If you have back taxes and want to learn more about whether you qualify for an OIC, contact our firm to schedule a free case evaluation.

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